Moving Tips that will help you in your next move

Just some moving tips to help your next move go a little smoother.

It is ideal for your move to go quickly and smooth. Although many people already know the basics of moving, we've written up a few tips for you to help you with your next move. Have a quick read through them, who knows your next move can be better than you last one.


1. Draw a plan of your new home or office to ensure that your everything will fit in your new home or office whilst still having enough space to walk through. Now space in new homes is becoming very limitted dispite rent across the country continue to increase. It is also important to do the same for an office to ensure your staff are confotable at work which is linked to staff satisfaction and performance. It is also a good idea to have a walk through and list everything you are moving to your new home or office to have an idea of what size of van and men you will need on your moving day to help you.


2. Its a good idea to place labels on furniture and boxes for both yourself and the moving men to know where to place them in your new home of office. This will make your move quicker as the moving men wont need to bother you by always asking you where you would like your items to be placed in your new property. Its also much easier on you as some people are undecided to where to place heavy boxes and bags when they arrive at their new property and go through the trouble of opening them to check whats inside and the unloading time needs to be extended thus making the removals process longer and more stressing.


3. Double check which furniture can't get out of your old property and into your new property in one peice. Large furniture like beds, desks and some storage units may have to be disassembled at the property or office your moving from and then reassembled at the home or office your moving to. Our men can disassemble and reassemble these peices of furniture for you, simply ask for the moving men to bring a tool box when placing a booking.


4. Like most moving companies, parking for the moving van is the responsability of the customer, but most of the time no special arrangements need to be made as free parking is available ourside most homes. Most moving companies charge you extra for parking fines and tow away services so if your moving home or office and there is no free parking available or there are double yellow lines or red lines you can simply call your local council up to a day before your move and ask for a parking permit. This are free and can save you a lot of trouble - and all you need is the vans number plate. happy woman


5. Buy pleanty of packing materials such as bubble wrap and boxes. This is the most efficient way to store your possessions safely and increase organisation during your move. Write on the box what the contents are and where they came from or should go like "Kitchen - cutlery and pans" or "Master bedroom". It is also ideal to use your luggage from your holiday. If your moving office it would be ideal to hire larger plastic crates and label them accordingly. Remember to store heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes. Use pleanty of bubble wrap for delicate items such as TVs and computers and keep the cables taped to the original equitment.


6. Secure cabinet drawers with tape. This will stop them opening and closing whilst they are being loaded and unloaded from the van. For wardrobes, you can leave them as they are since when placed inside the van other things like bags and smaller boxes can be placed inside the wardrobe to be more space efficient.


7. Advise your neighbours or offices nearby that you are moving. On your moving day you may have to use some one elses parking space for the van and if you are moving office, you may be over-utilizing the stairs or lift and causing frustration and delays. By notifying your neighbours or office colleagues you are more likely to get sympathy; and someone might offer to help too.


8. Defreeze the fridge and freezer 24 hours before your move. This will avoid any wet surprises during transit or when you open the fridge/freezer in your new property. Also make sure you put to one side anything you dont want to move or place a label on the items you dont want to move, this way the moving men will know what must be moved and what needs to stay.


9. Contact your utility providers such as water, gas, electricity, phone, TV and internet services as well as your bank and employer to notify them that you are moving house. This will ensure that transitions will go ahead smoothly and you can have your services up and running normally sooner.


10. If you are moving office, check that it's OK to disconnect any information technology equitment such as photocopiers and printers from any computer on the network. It is also advisable to place any static sensitive equitment in anti-static packaging. Use pleanty of bubble wrap and ensure there is qualified IT personnel at your new office to connect and setup any servers or routers correctly. Sometimes you are required to remove ink cartridges and toners from some printers and photocopiers to avoid malfunction so it is recommended to double check whether it is needed with your model. It is also important to drain any water coolers you want to take with you to your new office.


happy woman11. When moving it is a great time to declutter, so a few weeks before you move, go through everything you have and anything thats not worth keeping its time saving to throw it way. Your can also start packing the things you barely use like books you are not interested in reading soon. Moving on the day can get very busy, so its ideal to have a few boxes empty on the day so you can put your final items like cosmetics, toothpaste, shampoo and cleaning supplies. Your vaccuum cleaner should be the last thing to go in the van and the first to come out, just incase you want to hoover the rooms quickly before the boxes and furniture are moved in.


12. Keep important paperwork with you such as birth certificates, contracts, bank bills and your passport with you at all times. You should also safeguard any valuable items such as antiques, silverware, or valuable possessions and collections. Also make sure you have 2 new locks for your new property. Unfortunatly you can never know who else has a key to your new home so its a good idea to change both the back and front door locks once everything is moved in. Most of our vans have a toolbox that you can use for this small job.

With eMan and Van there is a lot less to worry about

Some people feel anxiety when they are going to move their home or business. Some others are calm because of previous moving experiences. There are people that have had a bad moving experience in the past and are afraid of having the same experience in their upcoming move, but we are here to set everything right!
There are a lot of things to do when you plan a move, so it’s not ideal to leave everything to the actual moving day – that will only confused, forget things you have to do and that when moving becomes a hassle.  Relying in our moving experience, we are giving you some moving tips to take them into account when planning to move.

Our moving tips will help you remember essential actions prior a move. We assure you that moving will be smooth and easy following these little pieces of advice:

  • From the moment you decide to move your home or office, make a list of all moving details like items you have to move, actions, payments and documents needed to complete.
  • Start to search anywhere around your house and gather boxes of all sizes, plastic bags, suitcases, and packing materials or ask your friends and relatives to provide you some if you want to save money from buying them all.
  • Begin packing out-of-season items or things you don’t need or that you want to give for charity or through away.  
  • When you pack by yourself try at first to learn safe packing tips or ask for professional help, because the adequate packing is important for your possessions safety while loading or moving. Keeping it short, heavy and delicate items in small boxes, and the rest in bigger boxes.
  • Fill the boxes with the idea in mind that someone is going to lift and load them. Also estimate the size of the boxes and furniture to be able to pass freely through the doors of old and new property. Ask us if you need professional help if there is a lot of furniture to be disassembled.
  • Attach labels or write with markers the content of every box on their sides and be sure to write also their room destination in the new property so the movers won’t need to ask you. (this will make moving in quicker!)
  • Tell to your utility providers about your move from the old to the new property. This will avoid additional expenses after your moving day at the old property and having the services you need in the new property since the first day there. Do the same with the neighbors to ensure parking space and lift availability.
  • IT equipment should be packed properly and defreeze and clean the fridge a day before the moving.
  • Keep with yourself identifying documents, contracts and other legal paperwork, especially when you are moving nationally or internationally. Also, keep with yourself fragile and valuable items, some cleaning materials, clothes and other items you need for the first day in the new property.
  • Finally, don’t forget to change the locks in your new home.

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