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From start to finish, your goods will be at your destination within 24 hours!

Moving home or personal belongings to Europe could not be easier! Our European movers are fast and is one of the leading European moving services in London. We guarantee you safety for your belongings and speed between your address in the UK and Europe. Our quick European Removals Service is straight foward from beguining to the end, and there is no delays and long waits for your property to be delivered in your home country.


Moving your items to another country is a much tougher situation than moving locally or within the UK, so now we are happy to cut the long waits and other unneeded delays when moving internationally by giving you a service that help you move direct from your home or office in the UK to anywhere in Europe.


Our Success lies that we do not put your items into storage, or delay in filling up shipping containers or ask our customers to wait until there is more profitable time in hand. Our European moving men and van will go to your property and fill up the van as a normal domestic move. Once the van is filled up taking all available space, our International domestic movers will go and make their way to the address in the European Union you desire. This ensures a speedy delivery of your items from start to finish.


Below is a list of our most popular destinations in Europe and the average cost.


Destinations from London, UK Distance Cost
Netherlands Flag Netherlands Amsterdam 300 Miles £1300
German Flag Germany Berlin
700 Miles £2400
Swiss Flag Switzerland Bern 650 Miles £2500
Belgium Flag Belgium Brussels
230 Miles £1600
Danish Flag Denmark Copenhagen
800 Miles £2600
Finish Flag Finland Helsinki
1500 Miles £3400
Portuguese Flag Portugal Lisbon
1340 Miles £3200
Spanish Flag Spain Madrid
1000 Miles £2600
Norway Flag Norway Oslo
1000 Miles £2600
French Flag France Paris
290 Miles £1600
Czech Republican Flag Czech Republic Prague
800 Miles £2400
Italian Flag Italy Rome
1200 Miles £3000
Swedish Flag Sweden Stockholm
1200 Miles £2800
Austrian Flag Austria Vienna
950 Miles £2600


All prices are all inclusive. Remember that the cost remains the same if you are taking few items or completly filling up the Moving Van to it is efficient to take as much as possible. We can also do multi-destination deliveries around the EU.


Iveco Luton Van

Offering the Quickest European Removals Service in London.

Moving with our European moving service is as simple and easy as if you were moving locally! Our European Removals Service is also insured as a normal local man and van service in your area. Our Men will also help you load and unload the van placing your items in the rooms you desire in your new property. Our Moving men are also trained, experienced and have made serveral trips to multiple destinations around the EU so you can rest assured that your possessions will arrive at your desired destination within 24 hours.


European Removals are often long and tiring; For this reason you may need to hire 2 men and a van for some destinations around the EU. For reliability reasons, the van with your items will be travelling by Ferry only from Dover.

Reliable European moving services

Moving in Europe requires more knowledge, capabilities and equipments than a domestic move. It also needs more detailed planning because risks that European moving can face are higher compare with moving locally. 

Despite these tasks being common for us, our European Removal service can help you experience a move abroad as if it was a local move. Moving abroad requires additional moving insurance, customs regulations, taxes, restrictions, and deep juridical and procedurals knowledge of all destination countries. Considering that, our company covers all needed professional requirements from start to finish, providing safety above all when moving towards any European countries. We are a member of a network of professional movers that operate in every European country so whatever happens, your possessions will reach their destination without delays. Our European moving guarantees door to door service within 24 hours.  No storage or loading shipping containers needed.

Our movers will take care of your assets providing speed and a secure delivery to the desired destination. European moving service includes also multi-destination deliveries around the EU. Important to note that for reliability reasons and avoiding delays, the van with your possessions will be travelling by Ferry only from Dover.

Successful moving services driven by trust and dedication.

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