Eco Man and Van: Concept



Removals should be nothing but straight forward and made quickly and efficiently. When we first started, we wanted to offer all our customers with a moving service that would help them from start to finish without difficulty most movers put in place. We give our customers the portunity to discuss their moving needs with us and we give them a moving service that suits their needs. We never give a fixed moving service with useless extras or commodities they dont needs. By giving a removals service that fits each individual needs, we can provide an efficient and fast removals service which also reduces cost and resources.


The moving men with a van will help you in each and everyways possible during your move. We want to erase the though of removals being one of the most stressful things people do in life and thats why we are here to help and give an exceptionaly high quality moving service that leaves all our customers with a smile and feeling relaxed after their move.

Make Progress.

Most moving services rely on recommendations to continue to stay in business and provide their customers with their services. We have risen and grown to be one of the best moving services in London and continue to provide excellent services to all our customers. We've now grown to be a choice to many people and businesses in London and nationally and we will continue to give the very best of moving to all the customers who choose us.


We've now moved thousands of customers and businesses around London and Nationally and will continue to strive to give an even better service. Our movers have also gained many skills and experience thanks to the trust of our many customers in choosing us and we will continue to keep our prices low for every move. We have also grown not only to give a moving service but also to become even more professional and proficient in dealing with tactiful tasks such as internal moving, furniture assembly and many other services that we now have in offer. We thank all those who chose us and allowed us to help them during their move .



The trouble that came with moving in the past is past. Our Man and van service now gives you more flexability and help than any other moving service and we are happy to help in every way possible. Moving home whether its a large house or a flat can now be done in hours and you can be sitting in your couch relaxing and watching tv in no time. Our moving service can help you pack and unpack, and you can feel back at home quicker than you emagine. Moving office is also easy. Our distinct Office movers can help you reassemble your office furniture, connect your IT equipment and have your office up and running quicker than any other.


Our moving service is almost incomparable to any other in speed, convenience, skillfulness and most importantly togetherness and friendliness. We aim to reach further with our valuable customers. Our Cheap and low cost moving service makes all moves a success and that is available to give all our customers on going support even after their move.


"Despite being skilled and experienced, I hope to advance more and more"

- Allan, our mover.

Moving services rely on reliability and the insurance of no stress relocation, so this is the mission we aim to fulfill striving to be a leading moving service.

From the beginning we intended to offer quality, quick and efficient moving services. Ongoing, we are making progress through gaining experience from every move and trying to excellent our services.

Our flexible services and customized quotes indicate our effort to be efficient and to offer what you really need.  Moving home or business despite their quantity and distance is no longer a concern.  We have all necessary equipment and specialized movers to handle every task no matter how difficult it can be.

What make us the best choice for your moving needs are our low cost, quick, secure and high quality services. We are glad you trust us your moving need and will make sure you have an outstanding moving experience.