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Moving Business can become a stressful task and it is important to keep things on track. Whether you’re moving a shopdown the road or simply moving an office, you need a reliable moving company that can take care of your good whilst in transit and ensure that they arrive undamaged and on time. We provide adequate moving solutions that focus on your moving needs whether you’re moving office furniture and equipment or relocating your shoe shop to another location.
Successful business relocation not only is important to you but also to your customers. You must ensure that the move is made on time and that the facilities are available when you need them to continue to run your successful business at a good level.

Our Business removals service can handle all your moving needs from start to finish. We have professional removals staff that will ensure that your shop removal, office or workshop move is done successfully and on time. Our moving service can also handle pick-up and delivery of your business items in the manner that suits your needs and can also facilitate deliveries of large items and quantities to any destination within the United Kingdom.



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Moving office can now take place within hours.

When you have a shop to run, transition speed between your old and new shop is very important. We have handled many shop moves in the past and guarantee that your needs will be met. Our Moving teams are very skilled and have years of experience. Whether you’re moving a pallet of clothes, beauty products or electrical goods, you can rest assured that your goods will be delivered to your desired location within hours if not less. We are fully insured and most of our moved are completed within hours.

Moving office is now also an easy task. Our special office movers can help you move all your office items hours. When you hire our office removals service you are moving with one of the most dedicated and professional office moving company in London. Our moving teams will carry out your moving needs and will dedicate themselves to having your new office up and running for business. The moving men can help you pack your office equipment if you need so and will also help you disassemble your office furniture and reassemble your furniture again in your new office. The moving men will also load and unload the van placing all your office equipment and furniture where you desire.

OfficeWherever you’re moving you can rely on our Business Removals Service to help you from start to finish. All our vans are fitted with sat-nav systems to ensure that your items are going to the correct destinations and all our vans have ties to secure your good in place whilst in transit and blankets to ensure nothing gets scratched or damaged. Rest assured your items will be in good hands from start to finish and the removal service you will receive will be the best in the trade.


Moving services to suit your business needs.

We can help you move on weekends and bank holidays in order to minimise the desruption to your business and help you deliver a fully operating business or products from one place to the other with minimum effect to your employees and customers. We can fully move your business and products from A to B in a matter of hours ensureing you will be ready to confinue operating your business or are able to reopen your shop the next day, if not sooner. We are the movers above the rest that give you a complete and comprehensive moving service like no other.


As you may well know, different businesses require different and specific moving and relocation needs. We try to help as much as we can the moving services we provide and give on going support if it can help our clients. Whether you work for Public Relations or need to transport some mannequins and banners to an event and back, call us and chat with a member of our moving team whom can advise you on the best and most efficient moving services for your business.

Easy Business reloaction services

Business relocation is associated with opportunity costs for the owners, employees and consumers/clients as they are affected by delays and chaotic situations that business relocation can cause until the office items, machines, furniture and employees are at their own place.

For a successful business removal we provide adequate moving solutions that suit your moving needs with minimal interruption of business activity. To ensure this you can book the move on weekends and bank holidays, so you will be ready to continue the daily routine of your business.   Regardless of business size and moving distance we can handle smooth relocations due to a detailed planning in advance.

Our professional moving teams can make your business moving easy. They are highly trained packing and unpacking fragile items, loading and uploading the van, disassemble and assemble furniture in a dedicated and careful manner.  We can also provide IT technicians to handle the installation of electronic equipment and employee’s relocation on your request.

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Our Man and Van Service Offer Competitive Rates, Reliable And Punctual Service, everytime. 95% of our first costumers recommend us to others.
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We offer First Class Local Moving services to costumers in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and many other Cities and Towns.

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We can also help you move across the country with our long distance moving service to other parts of England, Scotland and Wales.

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Moving can be tough, but we've written a quick list of packing tips that can help you save time, money and help you quickly get back to "business-as-usual" in your new property.

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Our fully experienced and dedicated team will provide a careful, swift and professional service that will take all the stress out of moving to your new office.